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It may be the question you might have asked yourself many times. You may have your suggestions and points. But actually what are the reasons for wearing shoes? Unquestionably, shoes and chapel will keep you away from diseases, mainly related to skins. This was the main reason for wearing a shoe/ slipper.

Today, people are wearing shoes and slippers not only for protecting them from illnesses, but also for surprising others with a stunning look. There is a misconception among some people that if you wear an attractive dress, you can steal the hearts of audience and can stay in their minds forever. It is true, but it is mandatory that there is should be shoe/ slipper matching to it.

A number of people consider shoes/ slipper as lucky mascot of their look whereas certain people consider it as a kingpin for their look. One or the other the case, not a single person in the world will say those shoes/ slipper are not essential for a healthy life.

Everyone will be looking for finest shoes at affordable price. No doubt on this. Where you will get the elegant and attractive shoes? Answer for this question is Elevato.in. The price and designs of Elevato shoes make them meritorious. Casual shoes, slippers, leather sandals, loafers and height increasing shoes will definitely make your elegant.

At the outset itself, elevato became success to make a mark in the advanced and volatile market. The appreciation in the market has given an extra energy for the Elevato to bring new items on the table. The novel products like, Fulvio Height increasing Boots, and Mascolino Height Increasing Boots will definitely changes your outlook on fashion.

If you are striving hard to get a new look, then elevato shoes will be the right shoes.  It will take you to new heights.

The magic behind Elevato shoes!

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In 2015, size does matter.

Men who can benefit with a few more inches of height should definitely give Elevato shoes a try. Not only do these height-increasing shoes look good, they also add to one’s personality and confidence. You know the saying, ‘Look tall, feel tall, think tall.’
Imagine walking into a board meeting full of CEOs, standing tall, emitting confidence and talking your head held high. A few inches of added height can definitely do wonders, not only to your personality, but also your morale. What’s more, it’s your little secret! Yes, the new range of Elevato formal shoes comes with a hidden insole, meant to increase your height by 2 – 4 inches.
The shoes are made of genuine leather, Italian design and a high quality insole with comfort cushioning, guaranteed to give you long-lasting comfort throughout your day in office. Stand for hours at a business talk, spend your day in the conference room, or have an action-packed day at work; the insoles ensure that your feet breathe and remain fresh throughout your day!


Some of the main features of the well-crafted Elevato height-increasing shoes are:

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Ventilated bottom – The bottom helps to absorb impact and at the same time allows your feet to breathe.
Leather ventilated & EVA layer–This additional layer protects the deterioration of the insole and provides aeration.The Expiratory Ventilation Assistance layer helps in advanced aeration, allowing your feet to breathe. It also prevents smelly feet.
Comfort Cushion – The comfort cushion layer is the most important part of the shoe. This high quality cushion mechanism makes this makes it a comfortable choice for long working hours.
PU hidden increaser – This helps in providing the additional height. The insoles have a gradual incline and helps to increase height discreetly by 2- 4 inches.
Premium leather – Elevato shoes are made out of international quality, finest leather with a premium finish and Italian design. This gives it a classy look.
Shop now! Get your pair of height-increasing formal shoes and fashionable boots at www.elevato.in and make your mark in the corporate world.

Elevato –The new brand of men’s Height-increasing shoes


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When it comes to looking taller, women usually have it easier than men. A pair of high heels not only will make women look taller, but will also make them look trendy and fashionable. Men have always looked for ways to look taller and have often ended being discouraged, because of lack of options.

Fortunately, there is a new solution for men, which can make them look smart and tall. Elevato has launched a new range of height-increasing shoes for men, which helps to add a few extra inches to your height, discreetly.The shoes come in Italian designs, the finest quality leather, perfect finishing and long-lasting comfort.

The highlight of the shoes are the built-in insoles, which are made out of a special material, which provides not only height, but also comfort.No high heels. No discomfort.

Elevator shoes from Elevato, is the new formula that more and more men are adopting today. Elevato height-increasing shoes have transformed lives of many short men and helped them to regain their confidence – be it on their wedding day, an interview or an important business conference.

If you are looking for a way to increase your height, then Elevato high heel shoes is the perfect solution for you.

These elevator shoes are designed to absorb the shock and helping your feet relax while you walk.  The shoes are designed for long-lasting comfort throughout the day. Another benefit of these shoes is that they will actually make you look slimmer, since your weight will be distributed over a taller frame.

Not only will your height increase, your general appearance and attractiveness will also be enhanced.


To get your very own pair of Elevato’s height-increasing shoes, all you need to do is just login to the Elevato website: www.elevato.in and select from a wide range of height-increasing, high heel shoes and browse through the formal collections of formal lace-ups, formal slip-ons and boots made of genuine leather and international design.Elevato offers free shipping throughout India and even delivers internationally.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your pair today! Buy your pair of elevator shoes from www.elevato.in today!